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Dear Golfer,
What you are about to read will probably shock you, and may even make you a little uncomfortable. But it needs to be said.
There are just 3 types of golfers in this world:
  • Golfers who take their game seriously, and see consistent, long-lasting improvement.
  • Golfers that try to get better, but keep “spinning their wheels.”
  • Golfers that have all but given up on ever getting any better.
Over 80% of golfers fall into category 2, and if you’re reading this, you probably do too.


Your struggles to hit longer drives, flush iron shots, are not your fault.

1. Golf is a hard freakin’ game man. 
It’s just not easy to get good at this game, even with consistent practice! You already know this.

2. By and large, the instruction the average golfer gets just isn’t that helpful. 
Actually, we’re being polite. To put it bluntly, online golf instruction is, at times, shockingly bad and can hurt you way more than it helps you.

The question is...HOW DID WE GET HERE?

Very few golf coaches truly understand what it really takes to help the average mid-to-high handicap golfer get off the hamster wheel and start making real, sustained progress.

Your average PGA teaching pro may be able to regurgitate swing theory with some level of accuracy, but they likely can’t provide the “secret sauce” it takes to achieve true breakthroughs in your golf game.

After all, how many lessons have you had, or articles have you read, that promised the moon, but didn’t “move the needle” for you?


Coaches that can consistently deliver results for their students are, as they say, “rare as hens teeth.”


“Meeting of the Minds”

In 2021, our four Golf Fanatics faculty members, Andrew Rice, Erika Larkin, Jeff Ritter, and Adam Bazalgette (who DO “move the needle” for their students) got together for an important meeting.

A meeting with ONE objective…

To create a simple program that will help 1,000,000 everyday golfers around the globe finally break through their scoring barriers, overcome their consistency killers, and start shooting the scores they are capable of.

Which led to what you’re about to discover…


Unlock YOUR

with Erika Larkin

Erika is a​​ Top 50 Teacher in America rated by Golf Digest. She has also been ranked as the #1 coach in Virginia by Golf Digest eight straight years (2014-present). She has won the PGA Teacher of the Year award in the Mid-Atlantic region and has coached over 50,000 golfers worldwide with her online coaching tips…and now it’s your turn.

Erika has put together the “Unlock Your True Swing” program to help you overcome your consistency killers and give you exactly what you need to not only drop strokes off your scores, but level-up your entire game.

You’re going to get expert, proven golf instruction that “moves the needle” and will lead to breakthroughs by tapping into your most natural, athletic self.

When you hit the ball pure and effortlessly, that is when you “Unlock Your True Swing

Once you learn how to find your true swing, you will be a better golfer, and shoot lower scores.

And as you’ll read about below, your results from this program are FULLY guaranteed.



You will learn how to finally Unlock Your True Swing! First things first…what is a true swing? Erika will help you visualize a true swing with a golf ball on a string. When energy moves back and forth, the ball moves on a perfect arc with perfect timing and rhythm, with very little effort. That is your True Swing.

Before you start moving everything, you will learn to understand your engine. All the different parts of your engine, what their roles are, and how you can get them into motion. You will start developing the feel you need while gaining awareness of your swing. Allowing you to ditch the tension and tap into your natural motion.

Why should you have a true swing? “The common denominator of all good players is they have a true swinging motion” - Earnest Jones. When you don’t force it, you can let the true swing do its thing.


At this point you will understand what a true swing is. Now it’s time to start putting it into motion. Starting with the “heave”, you will begin generating momentum with fluid motion in your backswing. To help you get your heave started, Erika shows you the 3 drills to get your feet engaged, arms energized, and grow your energy as you start your backswing.

You will find out how to release tension, find your rhythm, and get your backswing started correctly. Erika will take a deep dive explaining the “Tipping Point” and the “Pressure Point” and you will come to find that the mechanics of your swing are totally automatic, meaning you are swinging naturally and Unlocking Your True Swing.

Erika also shows you a “Rope Drill” to put the start of your true swing to the test. This will help you understand what’s happening in your backswing so you can move forward freely in your downswing.


Here you will learn to get your downswing or “through swing”, as Erika calls it, started. If you are a golfer who hits down into the ground or has a habit of hitting at the ball, you are not swinging effortlessly. Those forced movements are what get you into trouble. This is where you will change your mindset on your downswing and continue unlocking your true swing.

What you will take away from module 3, is that you will begin to look at the swing in phases rather than positions. Erika explains as your energy is being shifted within your swing, you reach different phases, which are blended moments that overlap in a true swing. Everything is always in motion with a true swing.

You will learn about the different phases within a true swing that will help you achieve solid contact and eliminate your misses through impact. Erika takes you through the different phases: The Fall, The Pivot, and The Release.  

These phases lead to you being able to swing the weight of the club in rhythm to a balanced finish, all the way through. When you can do that you will find that you swing better and lower scores will soon follow.


One of the hardest things overcome in golf is the mental aspect of the game. You can take the steps in building your true swing physically, but you also have to build trust in your true swing. Have faith in your swing. 
Erika will show you how to handle metal obstacles and develop good mental habits that will help you play your best golf. You will learn how to deal with stress and find reasons to smile while calming your nerves and playing better golf.  

Your practice game will improve as Erika shows you different ways to mix up practice to become confident in your true swing. Once you put your true swing to use, it’s time to stick to your plan and swing the club. You will finally be able to swing in a fluid motion, in rhythm, and unlock the natural swing inside you.  

That is how you Unlock Your True Swing. 
With Unlock Your True Swing, you are getting “private vault” instruction videos (not available anywhere else) from one of the best golf coaches in the United States.




Erika Larkin is the Director of Instruction at Creighton Farms in Virginia. She is one of the best coaches in the game, having won numerous prestigious awards in her coaching career.
Here are a few of Erika's accomplishments:
  • Voted one of the Top 50 Teachers in America by Golf Digest
  • Ranked as the #1 coach in Virginia by Golf Digest eight straight years (2014-present)
  • Has won the PGA Teacher of the Year award in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Author of the popular and well-respected golf instruction book A True Swing
  • Has helped thousands of golfers in-person and online with her popular (and entertaining!) instructional content on Instagram and other social media platforms
But most importantly, Erika has helped tens of thousands of everyday amateur golfers just like you play better golf & shoot lower scores by applying the knowledge, principles, and drills inside the “Unlock Your True Swing” Program

Here are a few “GOLDEN NUGGETS” you’ll get immediate access to inside 
"Unlock Your True Swing"

  • How to create a pure, rhythmic, effortless, swing allowing you to tap into your most natural, athletic self
  • Drills that will develop a natural, free flowing backswing eliminating tension that causes bad shots
  • How to understand your engine. All the different parts of your engine, what their roles are, and how you can get them into motion.
  • ​The different phases of the swing which will help you achieve solid contact and eliminate your misses through impact.
  • ​Erika’s tips and tricks on handling mental obstacles and developing good mental habits
  • Becoming confident in your true swing and creating fluid motion throughout the entire swing!

Ok Let’s Get To It...


If you were to go to your local course today and ask to get lessons, you will probably get charged an arm and a leg for a package. What’s even worse, is that after you’re done, you can continue to pay that price or stop all together and TRY and remember all the things that you were taught. Not only are you out maybe a few thousand dollars, but did you retain all the info that was thrown at you? Probably not.

And you would not get near the game-changing information you are getting inside her “Unlock Your True Swing” program

Bottom line: You would have to book dozens of in-person lessons to cover everything in as much detail as you’ll find in “Unlock Your True Swing”. PLUS - you get an ENTIRE PROGRAM FROM A TOP 50 COACH IN AMERICA for a fraction of the price.

So you’re EASILY getting $2,500+ worth of expert coaching inside, from a coach that has been ranked the best in her fields by Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips Mag, and the PGA.

The value is...astonishing.

And here’s another important point…

When in-person lessons are over... you’re done.

With this system you'll have Erika right in front of you, at your convenience (on your TV, laptop, or phone) teaching you at your own pace.

You can press play/pause at any time, and don’t have to worry about missing or forgetting any of the keys in “Unlock Your True Swing”.

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At this point... you have two choices:

1: You can exit this page and pretend you never saw it. By doing this, nothing changes. Frankly, it’s the easy choice. You don’t have to challenge yourself.

You’ll just keep hitting those crooked drives, inconsistent iron shots, fat shots, and continue struggling with your swing problems that you just can’t figure out. (Which obviously isn’t getting you the results you know you are capable of).


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