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Dear Golfer,
What you are about to read will probably shock you, and may even make you a little uncomfortable. But it needs to be said.
There are just 3 types of golfers in this world:
  • Type 1 are Golfers who take their game seriously, and see consistent, long-lasting improvement.
  • Type 2 are Golfers that try to get better, but keep “spinning their wheels.”
  • Type 3 are Golfers that have all but given up on ever getting any better.
Over 80% of golfers fall into category 2, and if you’re reading this, you probably do too.


Module 1: THE SWING

Adam Bazalgette’s Tee To Green Matrix, starts off by going in depth to show you what it takes to create a fundamentally sound golf swing. Adam will take you step by step through The Swing by breaking down every aspect of what a good repeatable swing entails. Not only will Adam break down the golf swing, he will also show you how you can apply it to your own swing with tips and drills that will give you the feel you need.
The swing starts before you even take your backswing. Adam takes you through the proper setup that leads to consistent shots by explaining posture and grip while helping you develop a routine to get you in the right position. You will learn the building blocks that are foundational to a good swing, along with analysis from professional swings. Learning information is one thing, but when you can visualize and apply it, that is what makes a difference.
Adam will show you how to keep the complexities out of your swing. Learning a proper full swing can be daunting, which is why he strives for simplicity, not complexity.

Module 2: DRILLS

After you have an understanding of the fundamentals of The Swing, you can begin to work towards applying those fundamentals to your swing. Taking in knowledge is one half of the battle, but the Tee To Green Matrix will help you turn knowledge into feel.
Adam helps you create a mental picture with an assortment of drills that will help your body and mind work together to create muscle memory. With 3-5 different drills in each video of the Drills Module, you will be able to find the drill that will help your game. They are practical drills that you can do from home and on the range. You will have them in the palm of your hand to view at any time from a phone, tablet, or computer. 
Not only will you learn a variety of drills to work on your swing, you will also learn ways to practice. Practicing is what will make you better and many amateurs struggle to build a routine that will actually move the needle and help them get better. With the Tee To Green Matrix you will be able to put together a plan and focus on improving your game.


Here you will learn to play Smarter Golf. You have the tools in your arsenal now to create a fundamentally sound swing. This is where you will learn how to develop your golf IQ further.
Now that you understand the different facets of the swing and what it takes to get there, you can start digesting information and make calculated decisions. Golf is just as much of a mental sport as it is physical, which is why it is important to rewire your brain to help you make good decisions on the course.
You will learn how to diagnose problems, build mental images, and apply the fix to your swing. If you can understand what is going on in your swing, it becomes easier to apply changes.  
You will also learn about feedback and how you can use it to your advantage and work on your swing. Whether it is from training aids, coaches, or household items, you can find a way to use feedback and make adjustments to your game.


At this point you’ve learned about The Swing, Drills to improve your swing, and how to play Smarter Golf. You’re learning and building up skills, but now it’s time to take them to the course. 
You can work on the range all day long and develop your skills but eventually you will be on the course playing. Adam takes you through a variety of shots you will see on the course and how to manage each situation. There are different factors, mental and physical, that can affect your game on the course. In this module, you will learn to navigate through different situations and find the best way to manage with your abilities.
Out On The Course covers almost every situation you will face when you go out and play. When you have an idea of what to do, making decisions becomes easier and more than likely you start making the correct decisions.   
When you can apply the right knowledge, feel, and golf IQ, you will be able to completely change your game from Tee To Green!
With “Tee To Green Matrix”, you are getting “private vault” coaching videos (not available anywhere else) from one of the best golf coaches in the United States.
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