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Dear Golfer,
What you are about to read will probably shock you, and may even make you a little uncomfortable. But it needs to be said.
There are just 3 types of golfers in this world:
  • Golfers who take their game seriously, and see consistent, long-lasting improvement.
  • Golfers that try to get better, but keep “spinning their wheels.”
  • Golfers that have all but given up on ever getting any better.
Over 80% of golfers fall into category 2, and if you’re reading this, you probably do too.


Your struggles to hit longer drives, flush iron shots, develop a solid short game, and drain more putts are not your fault.

1. Golf is a hard freakin’ game man. 
It’s just not easy to get good at this game, even with consistent practice! You already know this.

2. By and large, the instruction the average golfer gets just isn’t that helpful. 
Actually, we’re being polite. To put it bluntly online golf instruction is, at times, shockingly bad and can hurt you way more than it helps you.

The question is...HOW DID WE GET HERE?

Very few golf coaches truly understand what it really takes to help the average mid-to-high handicap golfer get off the hamster wheel and start making real, sustained progress.

Your average PGA teaching pro may be able to regurgitate swing theory with some level of accuracy, but they likely can’t provide the “secret sauce” it takes to achieve true breakthroughs in your golf game.

After all, how many lessons have you had, or articles have you read, that promised the moon, but didn’t “move the needle” for you?


Coaches that can consistently deliver results for their students are, as they say, “rare as hens teeth.”


“Meeting of the Minds”

A few months ago, our four Golf Fanatics faculty members, Andrew Rice, Erika Larkin, Jeff Ritter, and Adam Bazalgette (who DO “move the needle” for their students) got together for an important meeting.

A meeting with ONE objective…

To create a simple program that will help 1,000,000 everyday golfers around the globe finally break through their scoring barriers, overcome their consistency killers, and start shooting the scores they are capable of.

Which led to what you’re about to discover…

Introducing the...


Andrew, Erika, Jeff, and Adam put together this 4 Pillars MasterClass to help you overcome your consistency killers and give you exactly what you need to not only drop strokes off your scores, but level-up your entire game.

You’re going to get expert, proven golf instruction that “moves the needle” and will lead to breakthroughs in the 4 most important areas of your golf game.

As you can see, we refer to them as the “Pillars of Golf.”

Because if you improve in just these 4 critical areas, you will be a better golfer, and shoot lower scores.

And as you’ll read about below, your results from this Master Class are FULLY guaranteed.

Here's What You're About To Discover Inside...

Pillar #1: Driving (Power & Accuracy Unlocked)

Video 1: Solid Contact Factor

  • The slow motion “double tee drill” that thousands of Adam’s students have used to smash the ball in the middle of the clubface and gain 20+ yards of distance in just one lesson (this is a true game-changer)
  • At the 3:14 mark in this video, you’ll learn how your driver headcover will help you self-diagnose and optimize your launch angle for more carry distance and less sidespin (the result is longer, straighter drives)
  • The driver swing pitfall that keeps most golfers from ever hitting the ball more than 220 yards consistently and how you can fix it fast, in just one range session

Video 2: Double Your Driving Accuracy

  • The 3 factors that will determine how many fairways you hit per round (and how you can boost your performance drastically on ALL THREE)
  • Split more fairways right down the middle by “training your brain” using the toddler walking method (sounds odd, but Hogan, Tiger, and countless other pros have used this method when making a swing change)
  • Avoid water hazards and out of bounds markers off the tee using the same “clubface control checks” at impact used by all PGA pros and elite amateur players (keeps BIG numbers off your scorecard!)

Video 3: Add 20 Yards to Every Drive

  • The “RRG formula” that will help you power up you backswing so you can launch the ball farther with less overall effort (without losing your balance or posture)
  • The downswing “magic move” that will add natural speed to your golf swing and store it until right when you need it most at impact (shown at the 2:07 mark in this video)
  • How to “bio-hack” and rewire your brain’s built-in speed governor that’s currently keeping you from making substantial distance gains (just takes this one easy drill)

Pillar #2: Iron Play (Pin Seeking Approach Shots)

Video 4: Handling Challenging Lies

  • Erika’s “tilt the swing plane” drill that will help ensure solid contact, even on those challenging downhill, uphill, and sidehill lies
  • How to “read the lie” like a pro, so you can aim correctly, avoid careless errors, and ensure the best outcome for your iron and hybrid shots 
  • The surprising magnet demonstration that demonstrates why aiming left when the ball is below your feet is a dangerous MYTH (and what you must do instead)

Video 5: Club Selection & Decision Making

  • The simple “SLEW” principle Erika teaches her students that will help you select the right club for every shot (the same formula used by PGA Tour players and caddies)
  • A little know, but highly effective 1:1 yardage ratio that will help you master a common scenario that all amatuer golfers struggle with (revealed at the 3:44 mark in this video)
  • How to calculate your true “effective yardage” when dealing with windy conditions, or hitting shots from the rough (you’ll hit at least 3-4 more greens per round doing this!)

Video 6: Clean Contact, Solid Strikes

  • The driving range “gate test” (taught at our elite, in-demand golf schools) that gives your golf swing a pass/fail grade on the coveted repeatability factor (if you fail, we show you how to fix it!)
  • A simple technique for finding and fixing the low point in your golf swing, so you can make clean, solid strikes with your iron shots on a repeatable basis
  • Erika’s “Pre___ Left drill” that will instantly give you the feel for hitting those flush, well-compressed iron shots that sizzle off the face beautifully (shown at the 4:01 mark in this video)

Pillar #3: Short Game (Saving More Strokes)

Video 7: Chip it Like a Champion

  • The one chip shot secret Andrew gives to all of his students during golf schools. If you’re not doing this, you can’t consistently hit great chips (fortunately it’s dead simple, once you know the secret)
  • How to easily hit crisp greenside chip shots with varying trajectories and great distance control, without having to significantly change your current chipping technique
  • The “dummy proof” safety chip shot any golfer can hit, even if you can’t make solid contact with a wedge to save your life (easily use this 6-8 times per round and save SEVERAL strokes!)

Video 8: Pitch Shot Mastery

  • Why hitting “majestic” pitch shots with a 58 or 60 degree wedge is a huge mistake for most amateur golfers, and what you should do instead to get the best results possible
  • Andrew’s sneaky, yet powerful “handle feel drill” that gives you the exact feeling you are looking for to hit solid, crisp pitch shots that hop and stop on a dime (you gotta see this!)
  • The smart practice principle that will help you dial in your distances on pitch shots, so you can hit it pin high from inside 60 yards with shocking consistency (regardless of your handicap)

Video 9: Bunker Shots Decoded

  • The key principles to getting out the bunker and onto the green in one shot so you can avoid those big numbers out of the sand that wreck your scorecard.
  • Andrew’s two-step system for building the perfect “bunker backswing,” PLUS the exact motion you should use as you strike all your bunker shots (you’ll make a lot of progress in just 10 minutes or practice using this technique!)
  • How to groove your bunker technique without hitting balls. No more fat ones that stay in the bunker or skulled ones that sail clear over the green!

Pillar #4: Putting (Pure Putting Performance)

Video 10: Dial in Your Speed Control

  • The crucial F___ P____ of S_____ concept that, once you understand it, will help you develop exceptional feel and soft touch on the greens (no more “jamming” putts way by)
  • You’ve got to accelerate through the stroke, right? In this video, at the :36 seconds mark, you’ll learn the truth on how 99% of pros stroke the ball with their putter for impeccable speed control
  • Jeff’s weird (but effective) childhood carnival drill that will help you drastically improve your speed control in under 10 minutes, even if you’ve always struggled with speed on the greens

Video 11: Perfect Line, Every Time 

  • The practice green bracket drill you can use before every round to ensure you’re starting your golf ball on its intended line (essential for draining more putts)
  • Jeff’s “check and correct” drill that will help you fix your putting stroke “on the fly” so you can reverse poor putting, even in the middle of a round (you’ll see it at the 2:20 mark)
  • The stance stability method to automatically anchor your lower body stable and centered. You’ll hit more putts solid, and start them on the perfect line as a result

Video 12: The Art of Pressure Putting

  • The key difference between a putting routine vs putting ritual (and why having a ritual is crucial to draining more 3-6 footers under pressure)
  • Jeff’s 4-step trigger putting system that will suppress your fast twitch muscles and eliminate “jerky” movements and nerves from your putting stroke (no more “knee knockers”!)
  • The precise stroke rhythm most tour pros use that helps them drain putts consistently, and how you can “steal” this exact number for yourself with a free tool on your phone

With this MasterClass, you are getting “private vault” instruction videos (not available anywhere else) from 4 of the best golf coaches in the United States.

Their students pay $250+ per hour for access to these blueprints that will help you hit longer drives, flush iron shots, get up and down more often around the greens, and drain more putts.



Andrew Rice is a Golf Digest Top 50 Teacher, Golf Magazine Instructor, and Golf Fanatics lead Faculty member. He currently serves as the Director of Instruction at the Westin Savannah Harbor Golf Resort and Spa.
Here are a few of Andrew's accomplishments:
  • ​Voted one of the Top 50 Teachers in America by Golf Digest
  • ​Rated the #1 Golf Coach in Georgia by Golf Digest
  • ​Awarded the honor of Top 100 Instructor by Golf Magazine
  • ​Director of Instructor at the prestigious Westin Savannah Harbor Resort and Spa


Adam Bazalgette is a 3-Time SWFL PGA Teacher of the Year, and runs the popular online golf instruction platform Scratch Golf Academy.

Here are a few of Adam’s accomplishments:
  • ​Voted Teacher of the Year by the Southwest Florida PGA THREE Times
  • ​Runs the popular online golf instruction platform Scratch Golf academy
  • ​Has worked with players on the PGA, LPGA, and Champions Tours, as well as many of the top NCAA players in the country.
  • ​Honored to be voted in as one of the Top 25 Golf Instructors in the United States by Golf Tips Magazine


Erika Larkin is the Director of Instruction at Creighton Farms in Virginia. She is one of the best coaches in the game, having won numerous prestigious awards in her coaching career.
Here are a few of Erika's accomplishments:
  • Ranked as the #1 coach in Virginia by Golf Digest seven straight years (2014-present)
  • Has won the PGA Teacher of the Year award in the Mid-Atlantic region
  • Author of the popular and well-respected golf instruction book A True Swing
  • Has helped thousands of golfers in-person and online with her popular (and entertaining!) instructional content on Instagram and other social media platforms


Jeff Ritter is passionate about making each and every golfer he teaches better. He does this with a unique approach that has served him and his students well over the last 20+ years.

Here are a few of Jeff's accomplishments:
  • He is ranked as the #1 coach in Oregon by Golf Digest
  • Jeff is the Founder and Director of MAKE THE TURN Performance at Pronghorn Resort in Bend, Oregon (Golf Digest Editor’s Choice as “Best Academies in the West,”).
  • Before that, he served as Director of Instruction at the prestigious Poppy Hills in Pebble Beach, CA.
  • Jeff is also the former Lead Coach for the Golf Channel Academy, and was also selected as a Top 25 Instructor by Golf Tips Magazine
But most importantly, Andrew, Erika, Jeff and Adam have all helped tens of thousands of everyday amateur golfers just like you play better golf & shoot lower scores by applying the knowledge, principles, and drills inside the 4 Pillars of Golf MasterClass.

Here are a few “GOLDEN NUGGETS” you’ll get immediate access to inside this Master Class…

  • How to quickly add 20-30 yards to your average drive WITHOUT sacrificing accuracy (works like a charm for golfers of all ages and ability levels)
  • ​Simple driving range “gate test” that gives your golf swing a pass/fail grade on the coveted repeatability factor (if you fail, we show you how to fix it!)
  • ​Erika's key "impact moves" that will help you ingrain what a perfect impact should feel like in your own swing
  • ​How to hit those pure, bullet iron shots that land flag high (you know, the ones that are so solid you get that perfect compression feel off the middle of the clubface)
  • ​Andrew's "quality of strike" short game drill that will help you reduce the amount of fat and thin chips and pitch shots you hit every round, so you can get up and down more often!
  • ​How to transform yourself from a struggling bunker player into a sand saving machine and drop 2-3 strokes per round just by improving your bunker play!
  • Jeff's simple 4-step putting system to help you smooth out your stroke and eliminate nervous, jerky moves from your putting stroke

Ok Let’s Get To It...

How Much Does it Cost?

If you were to get Andrew, Erika, Jeff and Adam together for just ONE HOUR and pay their normal rate, it would set you back close to $1,000 bucks.

And you would not get near the game-changing information you are getting inside this MasterClass.

Bottom line: You would have to book a dozen in-person lessons with all 4 coaches to cover everything in as much detail as you’ll find in the 4 Pillars of Golf MasterClass.

So you’re EASILY getting $2,500+ worth of expert coaching inside, from coaches that have been ranked the best in their fields by Golf Digest, Golf Magazine, Golf Tips Mag, and the PGA.

The value is...astonishing.

And here’s another important point…

When in-person lessons are over... you’re done.

With this system you'll have all FOUR instructors right in front of you, at your convenience (on your TV or laptop) teaching you at your own pace.

You can press play/pause at any time, and don’t have to worry about missing or forgetting any of the keys in this MasterClass.

(You’ll always be able to go “back to the tape” after a round too, just like an NFL QB on Monday morning).

Based on the fact that you pay for this MasterClass once (and have access forever), it’s easily worth $97...
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We know this MasterClass will lead to transformational breakthroughs for every golfer.

In fact, we’re so confident you’ll level-up your entire golf game and see your lowest rounds ever with the 4 Pillars of Golf MasterClass, that you get to test drive it risk-free for a full 30 days.

Buy it, try it out, and if you aren’t shooting your lowest scores ever, or feel we haven’t delivered in every way, you will get all your money back, no questions-asked.

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